Terms And Conditions

1. The hirer will be responsible for the excess insurance liability charge And that belongs to the car insurance company and varies from one company to another/model and the age of the hirer upon company management decision, If the hirer is at fault for any accident or damage caused to our vehicles there will be an additional charge of +10% of the total agency’s repairs bill added to the insurance liability charges.

2. The hirer must submit all necessary police/court papers to claim any damage charges from the insurance company, otherwise the hirer will be responsible for the full payment of damage charges as per the agency’s estimate even if not being at fault.

3. The hirer will be responsible to pay in addition to the insurance excess liability the car rental daily rate charges for a further period to repair such damages, so in other words you will be charged the daily rate until the vehicle is nished from the repairing agency.If the hirer/driver is under the age of 25 an additional 20% of the total estimated repair bill must be paid in addition to the insurance excess.

4. The company reserve the right to charge the hirer/drivers credit card/debit card of all the car damages, traffi fines, violation and penalties occurred during the rental period.

5.The hirer is liable to pay the full value of the car,if the car is stolen during his/her rental period as the same cannot be claimed from the insurance.

6. The vehicle is not allowed to any off road driving/desert/safari/mountain/rough terrain driving and any non compliance of which will make the hirer liable for the payment of all damages charge as insurance does not cover such damages.

7. The insurance coverage does not apply to front windscreen, glass, tires, rims, interior, upholstery and related accessories etc, any damages to the glass, rims, interior, upholstery and related accessories will be charged accordingly to the hirer/driver with fixed estimated quotes

8. The term “vehicle” refers to any type of car or anything hired with all its accessories. The term “office” refers to Everest star car rental LLC.

9. The Hirer shall provide true and valid documents as requested by the office and the local authorities.

10. Only authorized persons can drive our vehicles. In order for a person to be an Authorized Driver, they must first get our approval and in order to do so, we need to obtain particular details of each person intending to drive the Vehicle. You should, therefore, ensure that all persons intending to drive the Vehicle are present at our office or been approved by one of the employees at Everest star car rental LLC.

11. The Hirer declares that he is licensed to drive the hired vehicle according to UAE Traffic Law and will not allow any other person to drive it unless registered as an additional driver that need to comply with the followings: – Licensed to drive the vehicle. – Minimum one year from the date when the license was obtained. The vehicle is delivered to the Hirer in good condition as per the check-out list that shall be duly signed by the Hirer with the radiator and oil reservoirs full, the Hirer undertakes to ensure that sufficient water and oil is in the vehicle at all times.

12. The Hirer undertakes to return the vehicle for periodical services as indicated in the checkout list and sticker in the vehicle indicating the next service due. Failing to do so, the Hirer will be held liable for all costs that may be incurred to repair any mechanical defect that may manifest due to the above negligence and for any loss of hire the office may face.

13. The Hirer agrees and undertakes to return the vehicle back in the same condition that it was hired out in and with the same quantum of fuel it had at the time of commencement of hire or agrees to pay for the difference in fuel levels if quantum differs at the end of the hire.

14. It’s strictly prohibited to smoke cigarettes, cigars and e-cigarettes inside the car, if the Hirer will fail to do so, a penalty of 1000 AED will be charged.

15. In case the Hirer carries out any type of repairs/alterations without the office’s written consent he/she will be liable for all costs in case of improper repairs and for any loss of hire the office may suffer.

16. If the vehicle is damaged in any way, the office reserves the right to take possession of the vehicle and carry out any repairs required, so the period of the hire shall then be extended to cover the time take to repair such damages.

17. The Hirer agrees to pay for any damages caused to the tires and/ or rims while the vehicle is in his/her possession as the above-mentioned costs cannot be reclaimed from the Insurance company.

18. The Hirer will not sublet the vehicle, use the vehicle for towing, races, rallies, competitions, or carry articles, which may cause damages to the vehicle. In such case, the Hirer will be liable for any damages or loss of income that may be incurred for noncompliance with these conditions.

19. In case of an accident and if the Hirer is under the influence of any alcoholic drinks and drugs, the Hirer will bear all the results damages and liabilities in full towards the Police and Courts.

20. The vehicle can be driven and is insured for use in the UAE only. The maximum distance per day on daily hires is 250 km; excess mileage will be charged at 10 AED per km and the Hirer agrees to pay such charge.

21. The Hirer agrees that in case of an own fault accident resulting in a TOTAL LOSS (Vehicle beyond economical repairs) to pay an additional 20% of the total insured value of the vehicle on top of standard conditions.

22. The office absolves itself of any responsibility for any cash or valuable belongings to the Hirer that may be lost whilst the vehicle is in his/her possession or after the entire period of the hire.

23. The Hirer must ensure that the vehicle is parked in a safe and secure place when it is not in use; any damage due to acts of God will be the sole responsibility and full liability of the Hirer as the same cannot be claimed from the Insurance.

24. The office reserves the right to recover the vehicle wherever it may be without referring to the authorities and charge the Hirer any loss of income the office may suffer and the office absolves itself of any responsibility for any cash or valuable belongings left in the vehicle if the Hirer: – Fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement. – Made major alterations in the vehicle. – Did not make the payments on time as previously agreed.

25. In case the rented vehicle attracts fines from Police and/or the Municipality bodies during the time of the rental, and if the fines is for more than 500 AED the office is authorized to charge the cost of that penalty + 10% of the total value of the fines. On the other hand, 50 AED will be charged for any fines with a value below of 500 AED, as a service charge.

26. Each time the hired vehicle will pass under Salik toll gates, Hirer will be charged 6 AED per time.

27. Extra protection is offered to Hirer to minimize the excess insurance liability charge to an amount between 3,000 AED and 7,500 AED according with the car model and the age of the Hirer upon office decision and reducing of 10% the damage value from Agency repair bill for any accident caused by the Hirer/Driver’s fault. Extra Protection prices starting from 150 AED up to 750 AED.

28. The office reserves the right to repossess the vehicle without demand at Hirer’s expenses if a vehicle is used in violation of this agreement, especially for breaching intentionally UAE’s speed limits and for bad conduct.

29. All prices are subject to 5% VAT.

30. All notices and proceeds should be sent to Everest star car rental LLC