• What are the basic requirements to hire a car in Dubai?

    Apart from the documents listed above, all renters must be over the age of 22 and must own a driver’s license that is at least 6 months old

  • What is the minimum rental period?

    Whether you are looking for a luxury or budget car rental in Dubai, the minimum rental period for all our vehicles is 24 hours. We also provide customized rent a car plans to cater to those customers that seek a long-term solution.

  • Should I pay the Salik Charges?

    Salik is Dubai’s own toll collection system that automatically deducts a fee when a vehicle passes through the toll gate. Each of our vehicles here at Everest Car Rental is equipped with Salik tags, and all customers shall be charged AED 5/- each time they move through a toll gate.

  • Can I rent the car directly from Dubai Airport?

    Yes, we do provide a budget airport car rental service as well. Place your inquiry through our website, and a member of our team shall get back to you with all the necessary details.

  • Can someone other than me drive the rental car?

    No, only that customer who has submitted his driver’s license and other details to Everest Car Rental is permitted to drive our vehicle. More drivers can be added if they can submit the required documents and pay the registration fee.

  • Who is required to pay all parking charges?

    All customers are required to pay all parking-related charges by themselves during the rental period

  • What driver age restrictions are there?

    If a driver has not yet turned 25 at the time of the car rental, he or she must present a national driver's license and an international driver's license that expire no earlier than 3 years from the current date. A similar requirement also applies a second driver.

  • Are all drivers required to present valid driver's licenses?

    Yes. When renting a car, every driver must present valid driver's licenses and present a copy of his/her passport.

  • What should someone who has rented a car do in the event of a car accident?

    If you get into an accident, you must immediately inform the police. You must not leave the place of the accident until the police have fully completed their reports. If you fail to present the police report about the car accident, you will be financially liable for the damages resulting from the accident.